Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Security Check

We shuffle slowly in the endless queue
A horde of cattle waiting for our turn
Hawk like eyes look up and down
Am I the one who could slash and burn

My small possessions, my little memories
The hazy pair of glasses, the bits of paper
My fingers touch, as I seek to hide
The dull photo, the smell of laughter

I reach the altar
Slowly with utmost care
Touching the memories of the past
I lay them bare

They peep inside, their eyes wary
Glancing at whatever I proffer
Stern disapproval writ large
Their faces reminding me of lucipher

Why oh why do they have to strip me
Who is responsible for this mess
My toes dig into the ground
As they leer at my nakedness

Vile serpent you
I suffer 'cause of your offer
Your one action, only one
Has condemned me to always suffer

You came upon the scene unseen
You killed without the slightest remorse
Devoid of feelings that we call human
You were not just cruel, but an animal force

The pain, the cries have now subsided
Time can heal they always say
But what about the ignominy of being a suspect
That I have to suffer every day

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