Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Among Roman ruins

Look at the arena said he
The Romans had an auditorium here
Lovely plays, music, theater
All the visages of a glorius culture

But they soon got bored
Sick of their life of plenty
They turned this into an arena
To get their high on blood and gore

Gladiators replaced the actors
The drama became lifelike
The crowds roared in delight
Men and beast were slain alike

The decadence was a sign
For soon the empire fell
All the glory, all the pomp
Reduced to rubble, a worthless pile

I felt the pulse beating
I heard them baying for blood
I saw them show their thumbs down
A sign which said kill kill kill

As I turn the page of my daily dose
I hear them baying for blood
Every day a new villain is shown
For the crowds to tear apart

Is it a sign, an ominous one, that
Our auditoria have also become arenas
We seek to see blood spilt
Where once we had quiet ballerinas

Off with his head said the queen of hearts
Off with his head we all say
This one is dead, all bloody and mangled
Tomorrow we need another prey

The time has come to introspect
Reduce our speed and quietly reflect
Forgiveness has to replace revenge
For we need peace, not violence to survive


  1. Well written and a good message...

  2. Excellent read. The formatting and style is very nice. The philosophy is rather poignant.Very true and reflective of which way civilisation is heading.

  3. Very well described which is successful in passing on the message of FOREGIVENESS!

  4. Hi Sir, your poem is also a tourist guide. Just by reading it we get answer to what it was, what it is, what it should be :)
    Amit Jain