Saturday, May 26, 2012

Child's Play

Eyes wide in wonder
I gazed at the toys
Nose pressed on the show window
Jeeps, Tanks, Guns wow

His eyes were also wide in awe
As he saw the men in fatigues
The swiftness of their moves
As they combed his village

The Jeep with the Star on the bonnet
My tiny hands holding the dinky toy
It moved on the shop counter
As I stood on my toes driving it up and down

His mother clutched him tightly
No sound to be made, she said
Why cant I see mom, the big Tanks, the Jeeps
He was full of rage as he thought

I collected them
The fighters, the frigates, the missiles
Mine was the largest collection
In the entire colony

He couldnt have the small toys
But he saw the real ones
The guns were real, the tanks fired
The guys shot would actually die

I still love them
For they make me feel strong
Even though imaginary, I cant deny
The power of it all

His mother lay motionless
As he gazed in horror
The wonderful tank had fired
Silencing her forever

Oh the games we play
The vile shenanigans of our cunning
Selling these toys to both sides
After making them fight

He clutched at her body
Staring emptily at the blood and entrails
As we entered the Mall
To spend our hard earned blood money

1 comment:

  1. A story well told. Reminded me somehow of "Life is Beautiful".
    This is the true picture of life and shows us where we are going.
    Where do you go to, my lovely?