Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reverse order

Life passes through phases three
We move from joy to stress to an absence of glee
Is the journey in reverse I ask
Is becoming unhappy our only task?

Happily we begin with nothing at hand
Then accumulate sorrow feeling so grand
We strive and struggle and never relax
To move foolishly towards a sad climax

Should we not move from sorrow to joy
Why should we move towards a life sans a toy
Are we travelling faster than light
That events have reversed with all their might

Remember its not by taking or giving
Rather the joy in merely doing
Do things about which you have a passion
Not because its just a fashion

Touching others heart is just a start
Essential is to touch your own heart
Reverse the order my friend, do not fret
There is a chance and enough time as yet


  1. Dear Sir !
    Awesome one ! Hats off !


  2. True, the need is to live your own life. If you know what you want, pursue your goal, irrespective of what the world wants.There was Isodora Duncan, Alexander the Great,Galileo, Socrates,Budhha, and many others who did not toe the line, but had their own thoughts and lived or died for what they thought was right.