Friday, June 8, 2012

The saviours have arrived

The cynic in me is growing old
It is weak now, once it was so bold
The shrug of the shoulder, the helpless emotion
That smirk on the face, indicating my negation

The nostalgic look, of faraway times
Nothing is right, living has become a crime
Life it seems has gone from bad to worse
Living and moving as if under a curse

The stupid pride, see I know best
It was I who topped every test
What do you youngsters know about anything
Gone are the days, when I was the king

The daily news, full of misery and gore
Creating chasms, fighting and lure
Gladiators of both sides doing their ops
Blood dripping from their lips, they lick their chops

Then one day suddenly on me it dawned
As the sun came up shining in the morn
I saw them running with heavy perspiration
I was thrilled to see, this was a new generation

Not the oversized slobs I dreaded to see
But younger and much more fit and yes, free
They inspired confidence, rather than create despair
To be wonderstruck, the world has to prepare

Now here was something which spelled hope 
I felt my cynicism appearing like a joke
Wired and yet unwired, these rascals were
By Angstrom level devices, powered everywhere

Knowledge made them into sharp lancers
They knew from where to source all the answers
Gone are the days when the teacher taught
The only fountain from whom info was sought

My pride in my knowledge did get hurt
As they searched and gave replies curt
Faster than what my mind could recover
Faster than my own recalling power

That's unfair I did say then
For this much info I collected in ten
What takes you just a second to hunt
Took me hardwork of over a month

You're stupid, to meself I said
What good is knowledge if it cant be spread
Oh how great life has become
Kids are solving the mighty sum

The clouds they are clearing
Illumination is heavily bearing
Upon the unchanging unjust lords
Who have used others in the name of gods

I see the toddlers walking 
Barefoot towards the hall of learning 
Emaciated, hungry, in the run down construction
They share with dogs, as they swallow the concoction

A smile replaces what earlier was grim
My face explodes in a toothy grin
Soon my child very soon
Technology will take you to the moon

I am needed, yes indeed I am
Why like a fool I was so glum
Who else but me in this minefield of quarks
To guide these bright little twinkling sparks


  1. Then one day suddenly on me it dawned
    As the sun came up shining in the morn
    I saw them running with heavy perspiration
    I was thrilled to see, this was a new generation

    Respected Sir !
    Speechless ...
    Prasaad Ramakant Joshi.

  2. The younger generation may know from where to source answers, but they do need knowledge. They have to hone their skills, know how to source it. Just as no amount of gadgetry can give you 6 pack have to work for it, similarly no amount of "kunji"like sourced information can make a person complete until there is knowledge within."The old order changeth,giving place to new", yet old order is not redundant, they have time warped wisdom and can show the path to future generations.