Sunday, July 1, 2012

Demons and Beasts

The demons stand towering over others
The regalia, the pomp, the arrogance of power
The ones who have partaken the wolf's milk
The forbidding look for those not of their ilk

In a spherical habitat, no boundaries, no permanence
They for sure defined their physical dominance
They made borders in all known directions
But that was the least of their machinations

And the beasts, they struggled for life with all their grit
However, they failed to see, the bottomless pit
Having walls of glass they could not scrape
Trapped they were, with no escape

They huffed and puffed and they did shove
These wretched creatures devoid of love
Snapping and growling to just declare
This is my territory watch out, beware

But obesience was never lost
The demons had planned this heavy cost
The beast would fight but always bow
Facing fear, their eyes would forever be low

The beast would grunt and they would bray
But before the concept they would pray
Thinking this alone will bring salvation
Not knowing, the concept was a virtual creation

The unseen, the unknown always creates fear
Keep ignorance alive, keep everyone in terror
The creator of fear holds all the keys
Let the beasts keep snarling, as the demons enjoy peace

Surronding themselves with menacing warriors
They create a cocoon of meritorius barriers
No beast could reach the demons so far
If any beast tried, they raised the bar

But yes, the clouds, they are clearing
The sun breaks free bright and shining
The strong looking statues look in a haze
As they melt and crumble in knowledge's gaze

The pipes used by the demons to suck the beasts' blood
Sent down info which soon became a flood
Armed with this brilliance, using all tact
The beasts looked up to see the fact

The demon was a mere caricature full of fear
Empty, powerless was what he called holy and dear
The beast had a difficult climb full of pain
Reading, knowing led to an inch of gain

They looked at the glass walls and what did they see
They were not beasts but innocents like you and me
The demons gazed in horror as the holy fell
Fragile false creators who could not even yell

The demons shot aiming low
The so called beasts deflected the blow
Twas a losing battle as is every fight 
No one wins however the might

The weapon of knowledge is the best one yet
It shows the futility of the lost bet
Life has to win, peace has to reign
That way humanity, not its creation, will gain


  1. Knowledge is power.Keep the masses deprived of knowledge and rule over 'them'. Let them live with their own interpretations and understanding and get steeped in superstition,blind faith! Once the power of knowledge passes down to the masses then it's the end of tyrrany, bondage and a world of slavery to blind faith.
    Very well written!Thought provoking and comes straight from the heart. Proud of you Ujjwal!

    1. Thanks Varsha. Noticed how those who facilitated flow of info to the masses are getting ostracised.