Sunday, April 6, 2014

The fault lies within

We brace for the shock,
As we take stock.
For soon the fangs will be revealed,
Blood splattered all over the killing field.
It is a wolf not grandma on the bed,
Red Riding Hood stunned when all was done and said.
Twas never gentle the real intention
Forever fooled was the nation.
Divided were we by philosophy so old,
Father the saint was himself caste in the mould.
Privileged were some and shall forever be,
Condemned were they who wanted to be free.
How dare Oliver ask for some more,
We'll teach him a lesson with blood and gore.
He carries a lethal weapon they say,
Snatching the blindman's stick away.
Privileges are theirs till humanity will last,
Any attempt otherwise is "dividing on caste".
All watch with glee and hope as the mock fight goes on,
The suitors to the throne all promise a new morn.
Diverting attention by singing a tune,
We stand in a cesspool while aiming for the moon.
An ignorant society with belief in poison,
Changing heads instead of antidotal solution.
Each one of us, a beast cloaked in colors fair,
Searching for demons to vanquish in our lair.
Kicking the fallen is now to be called an act so brave,
Beheaded Marie lies squirming in her grave.

1 comment:

  1. We are all sheep who follow the leader. We do not open our eyes to see light or darkness,we neither look left nor right, up nor down. We are scared to open our eyes as through the ages we have been told to follow without thinking, and we are scared to look in the direction of the light, as we have been taught to always look down. We simply recite those shlokas without understanding.We go with our heads bowed, from one trap to another. As the wolf in Lion's clothing is roaring, we are paralyzed with fear, and hope that the King of the Jungle will lead us to a better tomorrow!
    Very well said.