Saturday, March 3, 2018

Extinction, the bright future.

We are at the beginning of a new era.

The dinosaurs are getting extinct.

The new age entails:

Reduction of one way media like television and newspapers. Gone are the days when one way information was king. From the newspaper barons, the Pulitzers and the Hearsts, we went on to TV as the chief source of infotainment. What next?

The signs of decay are evident. With more and more interactivity in the hands of the individual, the last desperate gasp of TV can be seen in the way news channels in India are screaming aloud, throwing all decorum to the winds, totally biased and unbalanced, they are desperate for eyeballs which simply are not there.

Ad spends will vanish on these screaming monkeys, as they will swing towards state patronage as a last-ditch effort to stay alive. They will grovel, they will scream, they will crawl, but won’t survive. Already the intelligentsia has give up on them. The masses will soon get over the hypnosis created out of bogeys and crying wolf.

With rise in interactive media, an entire industry is on the brink of collapse.

This is a mere indication of what is coming. And its coming sooner than you think.

This is what according to me is what the future entails:

1.       The good old ways of governance will change.
2.       The shape will change from the leader of the pack system to a bee swarm system.
3.       Focus will shift away from the Executors to the Prey.
4.       Development will shift from infrastructure to micro level.
5.       The focus will shift from the cities to the villages.
6.       Large business will yield to the small and micro level units.
7.       Economies of scale will assume a new meaning.
8.       Linkages will become important and these will cease to be in control of a few.
9.       Ethics and honesty will rule.
10.       The dishonest and unethical will be eliminated not by law enforcement but by denial of  opportunity.
11.   Social systems will change. Merit will mean not just caste, but actual quality of product determined by the consumer.
12.   The state will lose importance.
13.   Political boundaries will lose importance.
14.   Barriers of language, religion, will become extinct.
15.   Stealing and loot of resources will cease as digital currency and blockchain will ensure complete transparency and accountability. Those not adhering will cease to be operative.

Lets welcome the extinction. Lets plan for the future.


  1. This is fabulous reading by Ukestradomous.

  2. A very optimistic picture of a future where honesty and ethics will work. Where the TV news channels will not be super drama soaps, where retrograde serials will no longer bore, social systems will work and medium businesses will prosper. I love that picture. Hope I see it. I too am becoming optimistic and will start having faith in the intelligence of human beings.

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  4. I hate to be a contrarion here however history has shown that how much ever we talk about being modern, the truth is we as people have not eveloved as much as the technology that we surround ourselves with.
    Nonetheless having learnt from Sir himself the power of being positive, am hoping things will get better...

  5. The World of infotainment is agreeable changing but in India it will take much longer.In my opinion the change has to come ground up from roots( villagers) & not from fruits(city habitats).The core population of India is still living food to food.They cannot come outside of this quick sand.If this is fixed, I believe the progress will be in leaps and bounds.
    Nice topic,keep it ignited