Sunday, April 1, 2018


Organisations are different from individuals. The moment two individuals get together and organise themselves into one unit, say a family; each individual loses something which is given to the unit. In hunter gatherer societies, it was necessary and efficient to join hands to get food security.
As they started off, each organisation was created to serve human needs. An individual was willing to forgo some of his individuality to get better returns. As history progressed, the organisations started getting bigger and stronger. The individual now had to part with more and more of his individuality.
Life is all about give and take. For every piece of extra security, the individual gave a bit of his freedom.
In any cycle there is a range of optimum level where one gets a good mix of two alternatives. Here the two ends of the pendulum have freedom on one side and security on the other. As one moves towards security, one loses freedom and vice versa. Each person makes his place somewhere along this pendulum path with his own mix of this much security and this much freedom.
As history progressed, organisations started developing their own personalities. They consisted of individual humans, but these humans had to convert themselves into a rank or a position from their own personalities. Organisations insisted that one dissolves individual personality and assume the one ordained by the system.
By definition, organisations will always be against individuals.
The need for security will always create the need for organisations.
Once the organisations developed their own personalities, they started creating the need for their raison d'ĂȘtre. They created more and more need for security. Fear is the key.
The situation has now reached a stage where the fear has reached such proportions that organisations have made humans subservient rather than them serving humans.
We don’t have to look for aliens. They are amongst us.
The organisations we created to serve us have become the monster aliens.
Restrictions are increasing, CCTV surveillance, Gated communities, Id cards…
Where does one go from here?
We need to pause. We need to review. We need to rethink.
But will it be possible?
Our minds have been overpowered so much, that it seems well nigh impossible for us to think independently.
As always. there will be some of us who will rise above their fears. Others will continue harping on the greatness of the organisations.
It is necessary that organisations are kept at a level that they serve us instead of us serving them.


  1. Well analysed - also the reason for the present state of affairs in the country.

  2. We also need to do an in-depth analysis how we define security, genuine threats that we perceive and how to build a shield against them. In other words balancing act. No an easy task and everyone has their own definition of whatever we talk about and end result is confusion!! Well written Ujwal.

  3. Organisations created by humans for their own benefit have assumed gigantic proportions. They have become behemoths which want to control the humans who created them for their benefit.
    The organisations have set up their own goals which are not in favour of the humans, the organisations have become powerful and power corrupts. As far as humans are concerned they are constantly fed with information about the benefits accruing to humans because of the organisations. Yet there are those who would normally rebel against authoritarian patterns. Gut feeling that humans have would normally make them uncomfortable and they may be able to form a critical mass which would revolt.