Friday, December 16, 2011

Diary pages of my visit to the 3rd Planet from the Sun

Must have been an advanced civilization, I observe

Looking at the ruins, some of them magnificent.

The greatness of the creatures obvious from the cooperation

For, such abodes can’t be built by singletons.

I wonder how they perished

For how they lived is pretty clear

The interplay of the efforts and mutual harmony

Impressing me no end.

I see a doll dressed up in fineries

A clockwork mechanism

To make it work

I turn the key, nothing happens.

The silence is eerie

And yet I can hear

The bustle of the city

The din of the creatures as they moved on

I see the cages and pause awhile

Such greatness also had another side.

Who were the prisoners?

Creatures not like them?

If a greater species conquered,

Then where were they?

The cages are just like abodes

So they imprisoned their own?

Logical ends they must have reached

Seeking out the wrong and eliminating them

One by one

Reaching a stage that there was one

Then he too realized that he had some wrongs

May have jumped following them all.

They never realized that boosting the little good

Was preferable to eliminating the bad.

For elimination is destruction

Which entails no construction

The negative cycle which spirals down

The Crash inevitable

I have tears in my eyes as I turn to leave

The doll in my hand I throw on the heap

Suddenly the mechanism starts to work

I hear it say “Condemn him for he has sinned”

Ujjwal Uke 20111216

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  1. Suddenly the mechanism starts to work

    I hear it say “Condemn him for he has sinned”

    Respected Sir ! Too good !