Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Sun beckons

The Sun beckons you to see,
The follies of us, yes you and me.
For the darkness is there as clear as daylight,
Never has anyone been so blinded, as with eyes wide open.

We the creatures of flesh and blood,
The most efficient in the world,
Succumb to beliefs as soon they're heard,
The quest for knowledge, with vision blurred?

Lazy, thats what they make you,
Readymades is what you love.
Your freedom and life you buy in packages,
Happiness is now sold at the mall.

The ability to live and procreate
Was the hallmark of your existence.
Now with the Self being taboo,
And love going out of fashion,
Everyday we march on like working Ants.
The goal being nothing but serve and serve,
Without questioning whom do we serve?
Slave drivers now need no whips,
For they control your mind,
Telling you, it is foolish to think.

Your human virtues
Of love kindness and compassion,
Which you are born with,
Are diverted away from your brother.
Enjoy the explosion they say,
See the entrails being ripped off,
Of your fellow being and rejoice,
For that is happiness defined for you.

The doves are hated for they are free,
The hawks are loved for they are feared.
Where are we heading
A generation lost in fear.

Squeezing every bit from the lemon,
The pulp is worth nothing,
But with organ transplant
Your remains may become more valuable.
So bring out the scalpel,
Cut cut cut
What do we do of the balance?
Find a way to market it
In the bazzar of fear.

Ujjwal Narayan Uke 20111204


  1. Great Sir.. Enjoyed the flow from the negative to the positive :)

  2. The lemon pulp has its use too. It is used for polishing your brass! This is very thought provoking, although seems a bit sad. I believe that every new generation brings with it a lot of new insights, philosophy and hope.All that we need to do is to hold our light high, so that their path is well illuminated.

  3. Very good one Sirji!!!!.Liked it a lot!!!!!