Friday, December 9, 2011

Where do you come from

Where do you come from my friend?
Do you find this corner comfortable?
Your child sits on the expensive paver block
Your wife covers her face.

You stay in the corner where streets of gold meet
The rate of your abode is in millions.
Yet you are always clad in simple clothes,
Your modesty knows no bounds.

Eyes half closed with sleepiness,
Induced by the weariness of work?
Or by the gift of Bacchus?
I often wonder.

Duelling with rivals unseen
Imaginary windmills you tilt at,
My Don your tales regale
All those who have the time to listen

You ramble on and on
Tales of Dragons you slayed.
The jungle which our cities have become,
With slaves remaining as all others have fled.

We have managed to trap a few parrots, you say
They are around you in gilded cages.
Imitating every word you say,
Pecking at the morsels you throw.

You rave on about injustice,
How inhuman life has become.
Why stay here then, I ask
You say you love it here.

You get yardsticks to measure
Your joy, your worth,
But of late it only shows how much more to do
Fatigue sets in for there is so much to do, you sigh.

Are you happy I ask
Taken aback, you seem disturbed
But soon the continence returns,
I am free here you tell me

The parrots roll over with laughter...


  1. where do we come from and where do we go? the destination and the route that we take is important. One is usually wandering and trying to find the destination. we are always judging,trying to compete and so lose sight of the goal.Injustice,competition is all a state of the mind. To walk alone in peace and with your own self is happiness.Accept those who come with you and don't fret for those who have left you. Move on ,ekala cholo re!life is wonderful, beautiful!enjoy!

  2. At the risk of sounding assumptive, nowadays, I guess for many people weariness and the Gift of Bacchus (as u put it Sirji:-))are the only means where one cut put themselves to sleep.would love to meet a few more people who can put themselves to sleep of their own free will!!!!!and of course a lot more people who have set their own yardsticks to measure their joy and worth and not that is set by the parameters of others!!!!As always another very good one Sirji