Thursday, December 15, 2011


It’s the season to forgive,

It’s the season to be free.

The burdens that we carry

Of past hurts and grief

Are easily shed, once you decide.

To forgive and become free

You let me down,

You betrayed me.

The pain still lingers.

I did what I thought was right.

You did what you thought was right.

But a century hence, it will just be a tale.

I am deprived of your humour,

I am deprived of your banter.

I face the loss, and so do you.

I fill your absence with remembrance of your cruelty

I need you and yet hesitate.

Time never returns for it is always there

It is we who move on

And then despair.

All it needs is to forgive and let go the pain

Everything will return

As it was always there.

I forgive you my friend,

I forgive you my dear

I forgive you from the deepest core

The pain is released and only you remain

I hug you and hold you

Never to let you go

You look with suspicion

Doubt filling your mind

You seem to ask- is it for real

Is the respite short term

Will the pain return

I smile and say



  1. A hypothetical question Sirji:
    What if,in spite of forgiving one's friend from the deepest core of ones heart, a new wound recurs due to the same friend/person and which brings along with it the similar pain of hurt,grief and betrayal